Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hungy Caterpillar Party for Chuck Norris

My nephew Enrico and his wife Leslie moved back to the East Coast just in time to celebrate their baby's 1st birthday (Felix Orion aka Chuck Norris).  Leslie picked the Hungry Caterpillar theme for the party (thanks to Eric Carle for this all-time favorite children's book).  As usual,  I volunteered to make the cake/cupcakes.  But I won't take credit for this project.  My daughter Ana came home to help me and she practically made all the decorations on the cake and cupcakes.

Behold the artist's handiwork:

She was a little OCD'ish with the caterpillars.  They came out so perfect and cute!

Here they are assembled:

There are more pictures on Leslie's blog.  She did a great job with the decorations - all handmade from recycled cardboard and cereal boxes. 

I am so looking forward to doing more crafts and cakes with Leslie and Ana.


  1. I look forward to doing more crafts too!!! :)

  2. Great pictures from the party. The food arrangements and decorations look amazing, Felix must have really enjoyed his birthday. I am also arranging a party for my daughter on the occasion of her 6th birthday this weekend. I’ve rented a wonderful hall for the party at a popular event space NYC.